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Velocity Machining & Welding Inc.
Velocity Machining & Welding Inc.

Velocity Machining & Welding Inc. is a full service machine, welding, fabrication, and waterjet cutting shop. We are located close to all major shipping routes including rail, truck, and sea transport; in the largest industrial park in Atlantic Canada, Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We have a great deal of experience in repairs and modifications to many types of industrial equipment. Through the use of 3-D CAD software we are capable of complete product design and production, from prototypes and small runs to complete custom machines and assemblies, using many types of material such as aluminum, stainless steel, and many other standard and exotic alloys. Velocity services many industry sectors including aerospace, forestry, mining, marine, earth moving and others.

Through the addition of our Flow IFB6012 waterjet cutting machine in November of 2005 we are now able to process many types of material for a great variety of industries. Because of the precision and lack of a heat affected zone, waterjet cutting can reduce or eliminate the need for secondary machining operations thus saving valuable time and money for our customers. Our waterjet is capable of handling material sizes up to six feet by 12 feet and eight inches thick. Some examples of material we have cut in the past include 6.5” titanium, 4”weldox plate, 4340 plate, stainless alloys, aluminum alloys, G-10, and many others.

Velocity's goal is to deliver quality products on time..... for a fair price.


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