Velocity machine

Wide Range of Services

We provide a wide range of services here at Velocity, and we can arrange for both onsite and offsite repairs.

  •  3D Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Laser and Water jet Cutting
  • CNC Machining, including 5 axis mill/turn
  • Manual Machining
  • Fabrication
  • Shearing and Bending
  • Welding
  • Pipe Bending
  • Plate Rolling
CNC Machining
CNC Machining

CNC machining offers unparalleled precision for producing metal and plastic parts.

We combine the latest CNC machining & turning processes and technology to deliver high quality, on-demand parts. CNC Machining is one of the fastest ways to build quality market-testing prototypes and production parts that require precision. Turn your 3D CAD file into a high-quality, precision production part for tooling, prototyping, and production.

Manual Machining
Manual Machining

Our manual machining services such as turning, milling, and line boring provide efficient options for complex prototypes, repair work, and short-run manufacturing.


We can take simple or large complex projects from start to finish, providing the convenience of having a single source supplier for all of your welding and fabrication needs. We can repair or rebuild damaged parts by building up the worn areas with weld, as well as manufacturing new fabrications from a variety of metals with precision and speed.

water jet cutting
Water Jet Cutting

Precision waterjet cutting services provide close tolerance, distortion-free parts with superior edge quality, no burrs, and little need for secondary finishing. We specialize in industrial cutting of high-quality parts from any type of metal or industrial plastic. We also handle other materials, such as foam, glass, tile, and stone.

laser engraving
Laser Engraving

Velocity Machining provides in-house laser etching, engraving, and cutting on many different types of materials.

We can laser engrave company logos, serial numbers, part numbers, artwork, and anything else you would want engraved on a part. The laser is also useful for making precise cutouts of many materials for parts or artwork.

3D printing
3D Printing

Product development is no longer confined by the constraints of lead time and expense.

Take your product from design to complete prototype in a matter of hours, choosing from a wide range of materials. Check the form, fit and function of your parts in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional prototyping.

fabrication shearing bending

We offer a variety of metal forming processes such as shearing, bending, punching, and rolling. We can work on small, large, and heavy components in a large variety of metals and raw material forms.

Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting service streamlines manufacturing and crafting. This technology facilitates intricate designs, empowering artisans and engineers to realize concepts with immaculate accuracy. From crafting custom metal parts to personalized signage, our laser cutting guarantees unmatched intricacy and consistency. We handle projects seamlessly, offering a single-source solution for welding and fabrication needs.